The Advantages and disadvantags of intermittent fasting

Backed by leaders in muscle building and fitness like and, and used by stars like “The Rock” and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine from X-men), IF (intermittent fasting) has been proven time and time again to give the most to any workout. Thought the term fasting remains a somehwat scary thing to the uninformed, it might surprise you to know the details are exactly the opposite. Something that might help is reading what it was like for one man who wrote about his own experieces with IF and while the IF method he chose is one of many, you are able to choose which days you fast, and for how long. You get to choose what you eat and when you eat, and you’ll feel great and see amazing results immediately after beginning this. Introducing the Eat Stop Eat Diet. As many who live this lifestyle say, it’s less a diet and nutrition plan as an eating schedule. Continue reading

The majority of us wake up in the morning anything but a “morning person” and we seek that nectar of the Gods that will spur us into motion and get our grey matter processing faster so we can start our day. The naturally cheerful morning people are usually a nuisance to those of us who require a cup of coffee to become any semblance of normal before we have a conversation. Diets that require us to cut out our morning jolt can be a real problem, because even if it weren’t for the slight caffeine addiction, it’s something we enjoy. The taste of freshly brewed coffee, the aroma, the tingle on our tongues as the first sip goes down, beckoning in the morning. If a diet expects too much from us, and is more than we’re willing to sacrifice, it’s not likely to stick. Continue reading

We’ve heard these all before, and we just believe it to be fact simply because the globe passed the word around enough.  More and more, scientific studies and scholars have taken to proving these well heard stories to be nothing but myths, leaving our society in much better shape in more ways than the obvious. It has led to an obese society with chronic problems dealing with thyroid disease, insulin resistance leading to diabetes and leptin resistance, effectively keeping us unhealthy.

Let’s debunk some of these long standing myths right now. Continue reading

Many people intent on getting the most from their workout at the gym will go with protein powders and supplements to boost the amount of muscle gain they achieve with each lift. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with protein powders for the extra push, there’s a healthier way to build muscle without taking in unneeded excess calories you then have to burn off. Using intermittent fasting as a tool for bodybuilding is far more effective and won’t leave you feeling bloated and tired after a long session.

The idea behind fasting programs is simple. It involves not eating past supper time, and waiting until mid-morning to eat breakfast or lunch. This works along with your body’s natural cortisol spikes that happen 3 times a day to boost your fat burning and muscle building potential to its fullest. Cortisol is responsible for the energy boost you get that keeps you going daily, and is a key contributor to what makes your metabolism work in the first place. When you work with your natural cortisol spikes, everything you DO eat gets processed directly into energy you can use while working out, with little to none stored as fat. Continue reading

There’s always two sides to every story, an opinion, a misrepresentation, and the truth, which always lies somewhere in the middle.  Nothing holds more true with diet myths than this statement.  Perhaps the most long lived and best known is the starvation mode idea.  Exactly when it was determined is lost along a timeline somewhere, but the suggestion is that when you don’t eat, even as much as skipping one meal, that your body goes on red alert into starvation mode, turning everything you eat, magically into fat.  This has been debunked so many times as a myth, and yet the rumor continues to circulate in the diet world.  Perhaps because there is so much money riding on the nutrition enterprise, and those eager to part us from our finances. Continue reading

One of the largest factors in choosing a diet or nutrition plan that will work for you is it’s potential impact on your lifestyle.  If you don’t have the time to devote to it, and it requires quite a bit of it to see results, then it’s not likely one that you can use, sending you searching for another answer that will.  The perk with fasting methods, in relation to fitting into a busy lifestyle, is that it fits in when you want it to.  You get to choose which hours you’re not eating, and when you want to take a meal.  If the best time for you is to stop eating at bedtime, and to not eat again until late afternoon when you take a light lunch, that still fits within the description of a fasting diet.  It doesn’t matter if you’re working nights, split shifts, traveling for work, or working more than 12 hours a day, there is always a window of time that you can fit in for your fasting requirements that works best for you. Continue reading

We all have fantastically busy lives, and one of the hardest parts of dieting and exercise is finding a way to fit it into our schedules.  Some claim to be low impact but still require you to count calories or points, write down what you eat in a journal, blog entries, or being active on a dieters forum.  That’s not even taking into consideration the ones that ask you to attend a gym up to 3 times a week.  Most of us would have a hard time fitting everything in, even if we were our own bosses and had plenty of time on our hands.

Thanks in part to the Eat Stop Eat Review this added pressure is a thing of the past. Continue reading

Ask any overweight woman anywhere about dieting and she will tell you how many diets she has tried and the names of them, what she was “forced” to endure while on this diet, and how long it took before she realized it’s just not working. Every woman has a story. Some men too! It’s a fact that women spend a lot of time on the web looking for that perfect diet or that perfect diet supplement. The truth is there is no such thing. Not really. Continue reading

There are so many ways to lose weight and or gain lean muscle mass. There is the usual way of strict dieting which would include counting calories, weighing the food while raw, restricting the amount you eat to less than child sized portions, restricting WHAT you eat but cutting out essential food groups like grains and starches, fats, sugars and dairy. All the while, you are also hitting the gym harder than you hit the books when you realized you forgot all about a major exam the next day! That is option one.

Then there is option two. Doing everything exactly the same as listed above, but not doing any form of exercise. Or you can go for option three, which is going to the gym until your eyes bleed and you pretty much can’t walk normally, but don’t change a thing in the way you eat or prepare your food.


Does any of this sound familiar? Has any of it actually worked for you? No? Okay then. At least we agree on something. On the other hand, Eat Stop Eat results speak for themselves time and again. Continue reading

Brad Pilon

Brad Pilon has an Honours Degree in Nutrition, 10 years experience in the food supplements industry and is an amateur bodybuilding awards winner. 

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