When the passion started

The author of Eat Stop Eat, Brad Pilon, grew up in a small suburb near Toronto, Canada. He was already interested in bodybuilding as a teenager and, at 14 years of age, was subscribed to Muscle and Fitness, Flex Magazine and the American Journal of Clinical nutrition. He became the person “to go to” for advice on supplements, even amongst older bodybuilders.


Being inside the Multimillion Dollar Supplement Industry

It is no surprise that he went on to get a Degree in Nutrition (graduating with honors) and immediately found work as researcher in a small supplement company in Ontario. This company became over the following six years one of the biggest supplement companies in the world, allowing Brad to have access to people, funding and equipment that few people in the industry have.


Back to School

Surprisingly, after 6 years in the bodybuilding supplement industry he left his very well position position to go back to his studies. He wanted to study Leucine and Protein Synthesis in order to design the ultimate diet. However, when he started studying human physiology at a deeper level, he discovered that many of the so called ‘truths’ were actually incorrect. He specifically went into intermittent fasting and ran numerous tests on top athletes. The product of his research is gathered in  his nutrition book, which is rapidly changing bodybuilding standards worldwide.


His Mission

He says that his aim is to free people from supplement and diet slavery by showing them that there is a cheaper and easier way to losing fat without losing muscle.

Excerpt from Brad Pilons Blog

I know the difference between the truth and bodybuilder myth. I know the marketing, inside and out. Not only do I know what the myths are, I know WHY these myths are still around.

“Eating less will stop weight loss” , “Eat more protein”, “Eat six meals per day”, “It’s nutrients, not calories that count”, “It’s hormones”.

You here these things for one reason and one reason alone – The people behind supplement companies are FANTASTIC marketers. They are so good that even well meaning fitness professionals fall under their influence.


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