The Advantages and disadvantags of intermittent fasting

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Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat
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Eat Stop Eat


The Author, Brad Pilon is a bodybuilding athlete that was particularly interested in finding ways to lose body fat without damaging muscle.

His experience in the diet supplement industry and his exposure to internationally renowned nutrition specialists allowed him to have access to high-tech physiology equipment which he used to run multiple body composition tests on top athletes and bodybuilders. Brad started studying intermittent fasting for his research during graduate school; Eat Stop Eat is a book based on over 240 peer-reviewed studies published in Medical Journals Worldwide.

Many people get “sucked in” to the obsessive nutritional regimen that accompanies natural bodybuilding, which at some point results in the measuring, cooking and timing of meals to take over their lives entirely. Their social life, the amount of time they have available, the money they are spending on special ingredients and, ultimately their emotional state goes on a downward spiral. This has led a lot of people to wonder if there could possibly be an easier option, which is why the Eat Stop Eat diet is so attractive.

How This Fasting Method Was Discovered

The Author, Brad Pilon, started studying intermittent fasting for his research during graduate school. After obtaining his degree he started working for the diet supplement industry and traveled to Europe and Asia to meet with internationally renowned nutrition specialists. He designed some very popular supplements which are still being sold by the companies he worked for.

Being a bodybuilding athlete himself, he was particularly interested in finding ways to lose body fat without damaging the muscle. His work in the industry allowed him to have access to high-tech physiology equipment which he used to run multiple body composition tests on top athletes and bodybuilders. He subsequently left the industry to pursue graduate studies in human biology and nutritional sciences. The book is based on over 240 peer-reviewed studies published in Medical Journals Worldwide.

Does It Work?

The results are scientifically proven. The scientific data and logic to support Brad Pilon’s work appears to be accurate. The author explains in his book that during a 24 hour fasting session there is an increase in growth hormone, insulin levels are low, cortisol levels are balanced and the adrenal glands function well. These factors put together, plus the reduction of the overall weekly calorie intake, make people lose body fat without losing muscle mass. There is also an increase in testosterone levels, which is helpful for muscle growth.

Other reported benefits are that it:

  • Does not cause crankiness or low energy
  • Leaves you free to eat what you like on non-fasting days
  • Does not affect workouts negatively
  • Improves your metabolic rate
  • Increases growth hormone levels
  • Does not require the use of costly supplements, cleansers or laxatives

Although the fasting plan is very simple, the author advises not to try intermittent fasting without having read the book, since this particular style of intermittent fasting is unique.

Some of the publications and TV exposure which have given the program positive reviews:

Independant Studies on Intermittent Fasting

Research indicates that the medical profession does not view intermittent fasting in a bad light. It makes sense that intermittent fasting is not damaging to the body, as in the prehistoric age there was no guarnetee that food would be available at every four hour interval, and so it stands to reason that the human body is designed to accommodate for this.

Some of the medical studies I used as a reference are: Caloric restriction and intermittent fasting: Two potential diets for successful brain aging and Dietary Factors, Hormesis and Health, found on the US National Library of Medicine Site, Cardioprotection by Intermittent Fasting in Rats on the American Heart Association Site and Effect of Ramadan intermittent fasting on aerobic and anaerobic performance and perception of fatigue in male elite judo athletes from the Journal of Strength and conditioning research. They all speak favourably of intermittent fasting.

Eat stop Eat Reviews

Many people reported online that they finally felt freed from the mental addiction to food. Bodybuilders who had followed strict ‘bodybuilder style nutrition’ for years, reported that it was a relief for them to do away with “such a difficult, restrictive, expensive and time consuming way of eating.”

We did not find negative comments from people that had actually tried it, but only from people that were skeptical about fasting on the whole.

Here are some intermittent fasting reviews from people that have tried it, taken from the company website:

Greg Redfern

I am a physical therapist, and follow nutrition research closely. I purchased your e-book. Usually, I have been unimpressed with the literature/programs that I see, but when I read your book, the logic and science behind the program clicked for me.

Scott Smith

I really feel like this is something that I will do for the rest of my life. Since I have a family history of Diabetes I feel like that it might give me some protection against that.

Louis Ressler

I’ve experienced a complete paradigm shift in my relationship to food. I know it sounds cliche, but I truly do no longer “live to eat,” but rather “eat to live.” It’s incredibly liberating.

Denise Nelson

Hi Brad, I’ve been following the ESE lifestyle since it came out in 2007. I will not go back to my compulsive eating again. No more good & bad foods. No more thinking about food more than living life. Life is more than food & getting enough protein (loved the book by the way). That is what this ESE is about. The flexibility of fasting to control calories is just an added bonus.

Dr. Geoff Dover
– Gainesville, Florida

I could not believe how much free time I have now on my fasting days. The biggest problem I had on my first day of fasting was not that I was too hungry, but I was too bored.

Dr. Patrick Lowry

I am now down to my target weight and eat almost freely on my eating days. It is a real pleasure to be able to eat almost anything that I want without guilt. My physical health has dramatically improved. I have not even had a cold for the last three years.

Roland Fisher – Personal Trainer

I’m a trainer and deal with more false information each day than I thought I ever would in a month. One such “truth” is that people just cannot gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Not only is it possible, I’ve done it with people for years now, with the program it is easy, ridiculously easy.

Reported Side Effects

We were not able to find any peer-reviewed medical studies that reported negative side effects of intermittent fasting. The main negative aspect of the system depends on your goal in terms of build. This kind of eating regimen appears to promote a lean build and defined muscles, and is not ideal for those looking for a big, bulky build. See Brad Pilon’s photo to get a better idea of the proposed build.

Some people have reported mild to medium strength headaches during the fasting days and this could have something to do with the level of accumulated toxins in the fatty tissue. Irritability has been reported and also bad breath.

Another negative aspect is that instead of eating normally during the rest of the week, people might binge and this is not healthy.

On the whole, in our opinion, Brad Pilon tends to brush off any physical or psychological side effects of the initial fasting days a little too easily, probably because over the years his body has become accustomed to fasting. It is fair to say that people might experience some initial reaction but that within a few weeks the body will adapt. Younger people will probably adapt more easily than older people, but once the body has ‘learned’ how to handle intermittent fasting, then this eating regimen is reportedly safe.

Pdf Download – How and Where to Buy

A new scam on the internet consists of creating totally false copies of popular e-books and selling them at a reduced price (or even giving them for free in exchange for your e-mail address). We strongly recommend that you to use our link to visit the official Eat stop Eat Website, – remember that this is the only reliable and truthful program, and the only place where the 100% money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied is valid. You pay an initial deposit of $9.99 for a three day trial period and pay the rest 3 days later, only of you like it. The download is immediate.

Seeing as intermittent fasting is backed by third party National Medical Institutions, there are many endorsements for the system and few negative side effects are reported, and considering that people who have actually tried it have obtained excellent results, we honestly feel this product can be safely recommended.

Click here to access the official site safely


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This way of eating changed my life. I no longer suffer from any of my old habits. I'm the thinnest, healthiest and happiest I've ever been.

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Brad Pilon

Brad Pilon has an Honours Degree in Nutrition, 10 years experience in the food supplements industry and is an amateur bodybuilding awards winner. 

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